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Need A Vagina Tightening Gel? – V Tight Is Reviewed Here.

v tight gel reviews

I love this picture – not sure it is relevant to V-Tight Gel – but who cares!

**UPDATE – 18th Oct 2016**Have just discovered how to get ‘Free Shipping’

Click on this link – VTight Free Shipping Deal – when it goes to the website, scroll down a bit then:

On a Desktop – Close the Page & you will see a pop-up  – ‘Stay on Page’ & Add the coupon

On a Mobile or Tablet – Refresh the page (Swipe Down)  – Add the coupon.


Are you considering or about to buy V Tight Gel? Then you’re in luck! – we have a review for you to help make up your mind.

Then you’re in luck! – we have a review for you to help make up your mind.

Like all the reviews you will find on, it is well worth reading about my own personal or friends experiences before you potentially buy – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Okay, so….loose vagina & vaginal tightening – there, we said the words, there are out there now.

That is life.


How Bad Is This Banner?!- How Old Are They!?

No point being embarrassed, let us just see what can be done!

Assuming you can’t afford or do not want to head down the road marked vaginoplasty, then I am guessing some sort of ‘vag cream’ is more your focus in ‘tightening your vag’ to get a ‘tighter vagina’.

Yes, I am laughing as I type this – these are some of the phrases that my friend used whilst we were discussing her review.

So what are people after?

Mostly, just a way to tighten the vagina naturally, ideally with something that was safe, fast acting and where the results would last.

Does that sound like too much? Myself, and my vagina are hoping not! as we look at one of the tightening gel on the market.

Myself and my vagina are hoping not! as we look at one of the tightening gel on the market.


Is V Tight gel the answer? It’s time for the V Tight Gel reviews response:

So having read quite a few v tight reviews online, I asked a few of my friends as to who would be prepared to try the gel out.

Luckily my friend **?!**?!**?!** said she would…

…yep, no surprise, she doesn’t want her name, or her ‘how to make your vag smaller/tighter’ journey revealed.

The whole point of this exercise was to find out the answer to, does v tight gel really work? where is the best place to buy v tight gel? & finally – what are the best v tight gel reviews online?

This article / review links in with my friend’s personal experience with the v tight program and how she got on with it.

Background – My friend has 2 children and had mentioned in the past (like a lot of women post childbirth) that she wasn’t ‘happy’ down below and suffered a bit from what she thought was a loose vagina.

What also needs to be mentioned here is that this isn’t just a ‘medical’ condition in the fact the walls are no longer as tight as they were; this actually goes a bit deeper; having a loose vagina has a psychological effect on people also.

Women (including my friend) say they don’t feel as sexy or desirable as they once did before they became mothers. It had a negative knock-on effect in the bedroom with her husband – again both physically and emotionally.

v tight gel reviewSo it was time to look at vaginal tightening treatments to remedy a stretched vagina or slack vaginal walls – or a tightening gel to tighten your vag (yes, I am still laughing).

So when I mentioned to her that I was looking at doing some v tight gel reviews with a few friends and would she be interested – she was in and wanted to know if v tight gel worked as much as I did.

So we went ahead and ordered it & this is the review.


What Does V Tight Gel Cost?

This is always how I kick off reviews – When we ordered the gel we took a note of all the costs:

1 Tube – $40

3 Tubes (2+1 Free) – $80

6 Tubes (4+2 Free) – $120



Technically 1 Tube = 1 Month Supply. But that will depend entirely on how/how often you use it.

As with a lot of products you can get online, there is the usual ‘Money Back Guarantee’ – so basically you could get to try it for free with nothing to lose & get a refund if you are not impressed.

Where is the best place to buy V tight gel?

This is easy. Use any link on this review & it will take you to the official v tight website. Remember to use the ‘Cheat’ as outlined above to get the best offer (as I type it was BOGOF & Free Delivery!!!).


Does V Tight Gel Really Work? If So, How Quickly?

My friend described to me that it pretty much worked straight away, once it is applied, within a few minutes she said she felt the tightening of her vagina (vag tighten in her words!).

The other positive to this gel is that you can have intercourse almost immediately – which in my friend’s case was a good job as she said she felt quite aroused after she had applied the v-tight cream/gel.

Another bonus in my eyes!

There is a whole v tight gel regime with this purchase – the ‘tighten vag cream’ (as my friend called it) also came with a vaginal exercise plan. These were very similar to the ones that you are told about after childbirth to try and get some tautness back to your ‘front bottom’!

There is a whole website that could be dedicated to Kegel exercises. I may add some YouTube videos in my Help & Advice Section.

One of the things my friend did comment on, nothing to do with the performance of the vagina-tightening-gel, was how it arrived in the mail. Funnily enough, I don’t think many people would buy such a product online if it said ‘V Tight Gel’ on the packaging when delivered!!

She was very pleased to report that this does NOT happen. The gel arrives very well packaged and is in very discrete packaging – a big plus to all you women out there that get on well with your mail man/woman!!

Another thing to point out here – the V Tight cream my friend ordered was bought directly from the manufacturer & their official website. So the above is what we are reporting on in this v-tight review is the genuine product & how it was delivered.


A Word Of Warning :tighten vag

We are aware that this product is also available from the likes of Amazon…..BUT, by not buying from the actual supplier you cannot actually be guaranteed that
– It is the genuine product
– That it is in date
– What the packaging will say!!! – Deal Breaker For Me – Amazon have a habit of describing on the packaging what is in the parcel.


What Are The V Tight Gel Ingredients?

V tight ingredients include:

– Manjakani Extract
– Arginine
– Witch Hazel Leaf Extract
– Citric Acid

Any the wiser? Nope, neither am I.

All we know is that they are natural & have been used for Centuries to tighten vagina walls!


V Tight Gel Side Effects?
Is V Tight Safe?

Same questions really – v tight is natural as outlined above, both in terms of its ingredients & that it contains no chemicals.

Manjakani Extract (AKA – Oak Galls) is used by Asian women to treat various vag problems (infection, dry, discharges & slackness).

There is ONE reported Side-Effect which my friend said she ‘suffered’ from – now I think this is a positive – the v gel cream has links to an increased sex drive!

Where Can I find the best V Tight gel reviews online?

lol – are you kidding!? – You are reading it.


V Tight Gel Reviews – OUR VERDICT

Well according to my undercover agent/friend – **?!**?!**?!** – V Tight Gel does indeed work.

It seems to work pretty quickly and has the added ‘Bonus’ that it can increase the sex drive!

There are differing experiences in the other reviews I have since read; basically, in terms of how quickly it takes effect and how long it lasts – but in fairness, most say it works.

The success rate is further increased by those that actually bother doing the exercises they recommend.

There is a money back guarantee with the product so if it is not for you, you do not like it or you do not think it works – get your money back. It is that simple.

If in doubt – just go for it! – really you have nothing to lose and everything to gain – without getting deep, this is also not a bad way to live your life……

……but this is a v tight gel reviews, and we have been looking at a tightening cream; its aim is to get you a tighter vag – so I will leave the philosophy to some other time!

Thanks for reading – Kathy.

V-Tight Gel


Further Reading & Interesting Information:

Whilst doing this review, I did stumble across a fantastic phenomena – the somewhat hilarious ability for people to call their vagina’s viginia or virginia – which is a bizarre middle ground between vag, virgin & virginia! Some of my favorites are as follows:

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Just beautiful !!

You, Your Hemorrhoids & Your Diet


Nobody wants to see a picture of a Hemorrhoid – So here is a soothing landscape picture to look at instead!

Another helpful (I hope) articles from BitesizeBulletin – this time, it is about something pretty painful! – Hemorrhoids.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are inflamed and swollen blood vessels inside and outside the anus. These blood vessels may cause discomfort while you are sitting, defecating or standing. #hemorrhoidshurt


In other words, hemorrhoids are quite similar to varicose veins around the anus. The blood vessels become inflamed and swollen when there is excess pressure in the pelvic or abdominal area. #hemorrhoidsmedscape

Hemorrhoids occurs to play a protective role in cushioning the tissue around the anus and colon from damage due to excess pressure. It is a situation quite similar to callouses on your foot due to tight fitting shoes. #hemorrhoidsnotgoingaway

Sometimes, the condition remains inside the anus and at other times, it may protrude to form bumps around the anus opening. They can bleed and cause discomfort at times as well as cause an annoying itching making it difficult to maintain proper anal hygiene. #hemorrhoidspiles

Here are some important facts about the connection between hemorrhoids and your diet.

Fiber is an important addition to your hemorrhoids diet.

Dietary fiber is a kind of plant food that the enzymes in your body can’t digest. It is not absorbed to the bloodstream and will not be used as energy. It is categorized as soluble and insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber will form a sort of gel when interact with water. It will help create softer and bulkier stools which is much easier to pass. It will help reduce constipation and excess pressure on the pelvic and abdomen areas.

This is extremely helpful in preventing the recurrence of hemorrhoids. It will also cause less irritation in existing hemorrhoid conditions.

You need to add fiber to your diet on a regular basis in order to prevent gas and bloating in your stomach. Drinking enough water is also very important. If not, fiber will have an opposite effect and increase your risk of hemorrhoids and constipation.

The best sources of soluble fiber include oats, peas, apples, beans, flax seeds, berries, psyllium and barley. #hemorrhoidssideeffects

Food that contain a lot of bioflavonoids is essential if you want to reduce your risk of hemorrhoids.

Bioflavonoids naturally occur in plants. This is the component that gives fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors. They also protect the fruits and vegetables from insects and microbes.

The properties of bioflavonoids are helpful not only to protect plants, but human beings too. This was revealed during a latest study.

The long term consumption of bioflavonoids has been linked with less irritation and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. These components are said to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels in the area.

This will prevent free radical stress inside the blood vessels, which will have a positive effect on curing hemorrhoids much more quickly. #venaprohemorrhoidstreatment

One important thing to remember is, you should refrain from consuming irritating foods if you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Hot and spicy foods, citrus fruits, tomatoes, caffeine and alcohol fall under this category. It will help reduce your risk of hemorrhoids in the long run. #hemorrhoidsrunning

We may go further into the above in another article. Want to know more?? – Below are some informative websites & also a useful YouTube video. We also reviewed a very well known & popular Hemorrhoid Relief system, the full Venapro Review can be found HERE.


Further Reading & Information:

Hemorrhoids/Haemorrhoids & the UK NHS

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Anxiety And Eczema – Is There A Connection?

eczema causes me to be anxious

There has been quite a bit of research on the connection of anxiety on its role in the development of certain medical conditions that people have in their lives.

It has been known to emulate what would seem to be cardiac arrest, when in actuality the individual is really experiencing gastrointestinal reflux disease.

Anxiety can cause the buildup of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, and once it is pushed past the lower esophagus sphincter into the esophagus, it can mimic the exact feelings associated with having a heart attack or stroke. Anxiety can also cause skin conditions to occur, one of which could be eczema.

This article will address whether there is a connection between anxiety and eczema, and if so, how you can deal with this problem if you are currently trying to find a remedy for the eczema that you currently have.

Defining Anxiety

Anxiety is simply another word for nervousness, worry, or a sense of eminent danger.

People will begin to fixate on what might happen to them, and as a result of this fear that is manifest within their minds, this mental picture of doom could actually manifest with physical symptoms. One of the most common skin conditions that can manifest as a result of anxiety is known as acne, a skin disorder that actually has no cure.

There are many things that you can do in order to manage this skin disorder, and in some ways, it is very similar to eczema. Let’s take a look at whether or not there is a connection between eczema and anxiety, and if so, what solutions are currently available.


Similarities Between Acne And Eczema

Since anxiety can lead to the development of acne, let’s see if there are any similarities between acne and eczema which would conclusively show that anxiety can lead to this unsightly skin disorder.

Acne is the result of your sebaceous glands producing too much sebum which then mixes with dead skin cells in your hair follicles, leading to a blockage. This oxygen deprived area is the perfect breeding ground for the P. acnes bacteria that is naturally in our skin. They will begin to produce in mass quantity, leading to infections which inevitably cause pimples to form.

Eczema is a little bit different, a skin disorder that leads to rough skin that is inflamed, sometimes producing blisters that will itch and bleed. Eczema is the result of dermatitis which is simply the inflammation of the skin. According to studies, many things can cause this disorder which can involve your diet, asthma, hay fever, and may even be prompted by the mental disorder ADHD, causing it to get out of control. Eczema can also be caused by stress, as well as other emotional factors. The more stress you are under, as well as the more anxiety that you experience, the worse your eczema is going to be.

Now that you know that there is a connection between anxiety and eczema, you might want to consider controlling a few of the emotional aspects of your life.

Anxiety is very difficult to control, and can sometimes be life-threatening, a disorder that can lead to the appearance of skin disorders like acne and also eczema.

If you are troubled with eczema you maybe interested in a review we have done for Revitol’s Eczema Cream

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