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 According to the makers of ‘Platinum Soursop’ it is the following:

Graviola has been taken for its natural healing properties for years and due to information provided in recent years by RainTree Nutrition, The National Health Sciences Institute and a popular Dr’s TV show, there has been tremendous excitement to take Graviola.

Graviola, also known as Soursop, Guanabana and Brazilian Paw Pawis a powerful herbal supplement that indigenous Indians of South American have used for centuries to strengthen the body’s natural defenses.

Graviola is a small, upright evergreen tree, 5-6 m high, with large, glossy, dark green leaves. It produces a large, heart-shaped, edible fruit that is 15-20 cm in diameter, is yellow-green in color, and has white flesh inside. Graviola is indigenous to most of the warmest tropical areas in South and North America, including the Amazon. The fruit is sold in local markets in the tropics, where it is called guanábana in Spanish-speaking countries and graviola in Brazil.

What makes graviola so unique is its wide variety of bioactive phytonutrients, which work naturally at the cellular and systemic levels. [Source: Market Health].

Here is my review on YouTube…..I have only just ordered the supplement (I went for 3Mo) & will update this review after the 1st month.

The YouTube video link can also be found HERE

Click to go to  The Official Platinum Soursop Website